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      Each department have well equipped laboratory for conducting practical classes of B.V.Sc. & A.H. students. These laboratories are designed as per new guidelines of VCI. Glassware, instruments and other necessary facilities are provided to student to understand the essence of theory. 




      The college has five lecture halls. Three lecture halls are in the main college building and two at TVCC. The lecture halls are adequately furnished having capacity to accomodate 75 students and are excellent for focusing the attention of a large group on a single point, either an instructor or an audio-visual presentation. Each lecture hall is provided with modern gadgets such as LCD screen and necessary multimedia systems.




  The college has spacious library having more than 2000 books on various disciplines of Veterinary & Animal Sciences for students. Various national and international journals are also available. The spacious reading area lends a calm and comfortable atmosphere for students and faculty members to pursue excellence in academics.




      The College has a computer science laboratory with thin-client networking, where PCs are interconnected to internet through Broadband. The laboratory is equipped with all types of modern technological facilities and is able to provide advanced training to students on various aspects of computer applications. Separate facility is also available for the faculty. A set of computer and printer have been provided to TVCC, ILFC and departments.  




      The TVCC of the college has the modernized facility for both outdoor and indoor patient as per the VCI recommendation. The clinic for small and large animal is committed to excellence in diagnosis, treatment and management of clinical problems. Apart from providing facilities for clinical training to undergraduate students, the faculty as well as the final year students provides veterinary services to the livestock and pet owners of Amritsar. The facilities in small and large animal services include specialty in dermatology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthropaedic surgery, immunization, general surgery gynaecology and obstetrics. The specialty services for both large and small animals include Radiology, Ultrasonography etc.   



      Instructional Livestock Farm Complex is established as per the guidelines of Veterinary Council of India (VCI). The farm existing in Khalsa College campus itself is more than 100 years old and is modeled on closed housing system with accompanying farmland for fodder production. The farm currently houses cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, chicken and rabbits. Recently fish pond is constructed within ILFC premises for the excellence in fisheries and allied studies. 




      A well equipped veterinary investigation laboratory is available in the college. The lab provides a full range of animal disease diagnostic services to veterinarians, livestock producers and pet owners in and around Amritsar. 




      A laboratory for Central Instrumentation Facility has been established in the college, under the able guidance of a qualified faculty and technicians. The instruments available are PCR Thermo cycler, Vertical and Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis, Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Lyophilizer, Fluorescent Microscope, Blood Cell Analyzer, HPLC, Ultra Centrifuge etc. Development of this infrastructure will provide opportunity to the research workers. The available facilities provide adequate base structure to call for externally funded projects. 




      A separate quarantine compound has been created away from the clinical area to segregate the animal suspected for communicable diseases. All care is taken to prevent spread of communicable disease especially of zoonotic importance. An adequate post mortem complex of 1200 sq. ft. area has been established at approachable distance at TVCC. The postmortem hall is adequately equipped and there is a proper arrangement of animal transportation and disposal system. 




          A unique facility in the form of Drug Store has been established at TVCC. This saves the hassle for the livestock and pet owner to procure medicines from outside. Besides, high quality drugs and medicines are provided at reasonable price. 




      There is volley ball court, badminton court, basket ball court and ground for cricket and football for students and staff. This is a common facility among various colleges of Khalsa Trust. Experienced coach and quality sport equipments helps the students to excel their sport talent.


       The College provides on Campus accommodation for outstation students. There are seven blocks - three for boys viz. Nabha, Faridkot and Hargobind. It provides accommodation for 400 students. The separate Girls Hostel is situated at Green Avenue having capacity of 100 students. Each hostel is provided with spacious rooms, adequate storage areas, hygienic mess, a dining hall, a reading room with newspapers, periodicals and magazines, a TV set etc. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostel. The right of admission to the hostel is reserved with the Hostel Management Body functional under the Principal.


GUEST HOUSE (common facility)

      The Heritage Guest House is a common facility with Khalsa Charitable Trust. This guest house is surrounded by lush green fields and pollution free environment. It consists of 15 air-conditioning, well-furnished, properly decorated rooms. Guest house is specially designed for indoor and outdoor meetings and get-together. Adequate catering facilities are also available. 

AUDITORIUM (common facility)

      A large college auditorium is available ideally suited to hold Conferences and Exhibitions. It is a central hub of all types of academic, curricular, co-curricular activities including social events.  


      The college campus provides a plot for fodder cultivation. The fodders thus obtained are sufficient to supply greens to the animals of farm complex. The different types of fodders, both seasonal and perineal are cultivated. These includes hybrid napier, burseem, lucerne, rye grass, maize, oat etc. A separate fodder demonstration plot for the students is also available.  The college is establishing a separate feed and fodder cafeteria.